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As a parent, we all know how difficult for us the transition from birth to 6 months can be... sleepless nights, confusion, not knowing, feeling overwhelmed, trouble feeding, Colic, and of course, the wonderful hormonal shifts we face! Most of us know about the comfort and many different benefits that are achieved from swadddling newborns, which has been done for hundreds of years. The WOOMbie was created after my third daughter was born. I was feeling such frustration with all of the swaddling baby blankets and contraptions that I bought to help with the new baby. Even as a seasoned parent, there are still new issues, as every baby is so unique.Our situation was not only with comfort...but with safety. After finding Bella with a name-brand swaddling baby blanket unraveled and over her face, i knew there had to be a better and safer way tp swaddle.